Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sex in the Morning is Better

From Cadena Global. A study reveals that making love in the morning about three times a week strengthens defenses, raises morale and improves the functioning of the body.

Riiiing! It sounds the alarm. Most couples, sleepy get up, get into the shower, a quick breakfast and go running to work. Most do not know if it lifted a little earlier and take a good dust, although it is quick, his health improved so substantially.

Or at least that is what I said a study conducted in London by Queen's University Belfast and published in the magazine New Scientist: good morning sex, practiced at least three times a week, improves the functioning of various bodies and significantly increases the quality of life.

Advertising The study also reveals that making love in the mornings to antibodies multiplies and strengthens give immune protection to the human body and help in its fight against the microorganisms that attack, as well as improve circulation and reduce blood pressure and therefore The risk of heart attack.

Copulation healing Among other things, the study underlines the fact that practice of good morning sex is an exercise that burns about 3,000 calories per hour and thus lowers the risk of diabetes, in addition to strengthening bones and muscles and relieve ailments such as arthritis or migraine.

In addition to healthy, those who do love to start the day will be more handsome, as the orgasm increases estrogen levels and hormones directly related to the brightness and smoothness of the skin and hair health.

As for the benefits to the male gender in particular, the study claims that the London men produce more testosterone if they have sex morning, which strengthens bones and prevents osteoporosis.

Without a condom less depression ... As for females, a study by the State University of New York conducted among 300 students, found that those who make love in the morning (without condoms) to improve significantly their morale and are less prone to fall into a depression.

This shows once again the power of anxiolytic semen. Another recent study, conducted by the Yale School of Medicine, also strongly sex morning, ensuring that protects women against endometriosis (emergence and growth of endometrial tissue outside the uterus).

So, nothing against depression, illness and bad roll, or Prozac, no vitamins, no bagpipes, a good morning session of sex three times a week and life will return to smile.
( Comment of Oscar Granda )
Maybe true or false ??? ... it will be better, you check. Try it !

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  1. my wife likes it in the morning,but i always fell the need to piss in her.